Waco Texas fertilizer plant explosion Legal cases Expected Action News 15

May 3rd, 2013

Why a fertilizer plant explosion lawsuit may be necessary

West Texas fertilizer plant explosion lawyers are providing free consultations for people affected by this traumatic event. Personal injury attorneys in Texas are reviewing potential Texas fertilizer plant explosion lawsuits.

The West Fertilizer Co. had a spotty regulatory history. The company paid nearly $8,000 to at least two regulatory agencies for safety and transportation violations, according to the Los Angeles Times:

A federal inspector found three violations at the fertilizer plant that included transporting anhydrous ammonia without a security plan and carrying it in tanks that were improperly labeled. This resulted in fine handed down by the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration in 2011.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fined the fertilizer company $2,300 in 2006 for not having a risk management program in place, according to the Los Angeles Times.

See:Waco Texas fertilizer plant explosion

Authorities have identified four more sets of remains of first responders who battled last week’s fire and explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. Wednesday’s blast and injured more than 200, according to officials cited by .

Meanwhile, survivors from the small town north of Waco gathered Sunday to remember those who were lost, and to offer thanks that they were still alive. And, as over the weekend, some residents in parts of West that bore the brunt of the blast at the West Fertilizer Co. were allowed to return home.

on Morning Edition that some people lost everything; others, such as town dentist Larry Sparks, consider themselves lucky:

“It’s just a matter of sweeping up the glass, and one of our front doors was demolished – it blew it completely in,” Sparks tells NPR. “But it’s very minimal damage compared to what some of these other folks have suffered.”

According to Reuters, the plant was storing 270 tons of highly volatile ammonium nitrate fertilizer that should have been reported to the Department of Homeland Security but was not. The Texas Department of State Health Services was aware of the dangerous chemical but failed to alert DHS, the news agency reports.

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Government gridlock can have a deep effect on Massachusetts workers

April 22nd, 2013

In Massachusetts, there are many laws in place intended to protect workers. Some of those laws exist at the state level and others exist at the federal level. Many of the laws are enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

Unfortunately, Massachusetts workers could find themselves facing greater risk of work injuries in upcoming months. This is because of the impact of something called the “sequester.” Our Providence, RI work injury lawyers know that any work accident can have a devastating impact on a person’s earning potential, health and life. We urge all workers to be aware of the new potential risks that they may face.

The Sequester and MA Work Injuries

The “sequester” is a term that refers to $85 billion in cuts to the federal budget that went into effect on March 1, 2013. The cuts were arbitrary cuts to both domestic programs and to the military. They were never intended to actually go into effect, but instead were part of a game of political brinksmanship that America lost.

The cuts were put into place and set to trigger automatically if Democrats and Republicans were unable to agree on a deal to cut spending. They were intended to be so onerous that neither side would let them go into effect. However, the parties could not agree and the sequester cuts were triggered. Now, workers in Falls River, MA and throughout the state of Massachusetts could pay the price.

Departments have used the cuts as an excuse to make voters as miserable as possible, and everything from TSA agents and air traffic control towers to funding cuts at the National Weather Service have already been announced.

The sequester cuts may affect workplace safety because:

  • Federal employers may need to furlough employees, both in military positions and in civilian positions. Furloughed employees means that workplaces may be left shorthanded, which increases the chances of workers getting hurt. This is especially true if workers are trying to fill in for their furloughed coworkers and do jobs they normally don’t.
  • OSHA inspectors are being furloughed, and fewer workplace inspections will occur. According to the National Safety Council, the number of inspections may decrease dramatically and as many as 1,200 possibly dangerous worksites will go without being inspected. Without proper oversight, employers lose incentive to follow safety rules and workers on dangerous worksites don’t get relief from OSHA inspectors that could improve their conditions.
  • Employers who are hurt by the economic implications of sequester may try to reduce their budgets by becoming more lax in obeying safety rules. Sequester is expected to result in slower economic growth so even employers not affiliated with the federal government may be forced to cut back. Some employers could chose to do this in a way that hurts their workers.
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Energy Employees Bring Retirement Maritime Staff members’ Projects, International Safety Worries Come up

February 8th, 2013

Drastic changes are taking place in the oil industry workforce, with a major shift in the average age and expertise of oil industry employees. This mass changing of the guard is due to many longtime employees retiring and leaving the brunt of responsibilities in the hands of younger, less experienced workers. Though the idea of new jobs opening up for oil rig workers is a positive one overall, it also means a reduction in collective expertise, particularly in maritime safety practices, and could increase the likelihood of more offshore injuries occurring, including deaths at sea.

Maine (All of ME) Joe Bornstein personal injury lawyer in Maine Don’t leave it
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Vice president of accreditation and certification at the International Association of Drilling Contractors, Mark Denkowski, told NPR that in-depth safety training programs are now mandatory and a distinct contrast from his own experience in the oil industry. “No longer would you have a person that’s just hired and literally put on a boat or on a helicopter and flown out to a rig with little or no orientation or training,” he said. “Companies are going to be required to prove that that individual has been through that orientation.”

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Accident Attorney or lawyer Knoxville Tn : Incidents Need Knowledgeable Advocacy in Tennessee

January 27th, 2013

Knoxville Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyers : Our Reputation as Successful

Knoxville Tennessee Personal Injury Attorneys

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We are very very careful on the front end on taking our cases, that means if we do take your case, there is a really good chance, in fact over ninety percent are going to settle. One of the first questions we get from our new people who come in, our clients if you will, is how long is this going to take and how much money am I going to get out of this. Well that of course depends on the severity and the complexity of the case, your injury, that type of thing. But the general answer is we work these cases hard, we do not procrastinate, we move them through, we try to get you fare and just representation and get you settled as soon as possible.

Tennessee Personal Injury Attorney Serving:
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